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K to 12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines

Why Does the Philippines Need the K-12 Education System?


Filipinos are known to be competitive in the international community. However, our current education system hinders us from becoming even more competitive.

Starting in the 2012-2013 school year, the education system of the Philippines was enhanced from the ten years of basic education to a 12-year program through an initiative called the K-12 Education Plan sponsored by the Department of Education.

The implementation of the K-12 plan in the Philippine Basic Education Curriculum is the key to our nation’s development. Though the government faces many problems as it implements the program over the course of several years, it is a necessary improvement since increasing the quality of our education is critical to our nation’s success.

See below some ways that the K-12 education plan will be beneficial for the Philippines according to Isagani Cruz (2010) in one of his columns in a local newspaper.

Reasons for the K-12 Education System

1. Sufficient Instructional Time

With K-12 education, students will have sufficient instructional time for subject-related tasks, making them more prepared in every subject area. With the old system, Filipino students were consistently behind on achievement scores.

In 2008, for instance, international test results revealed that Filipinos were behind compared to other countries when we finished dead last in math.

2. More Skilled and Competent Labor Force

Another reason to support K-12 education is because the graduates of this program will be more prepared to enter the labor force. High school graduates of the 10-year curriculum were not yet employable since they were not competent or well–equipped enough for the workplace.

In addition, high school graduates of the 10-year curriculum are not yet 18. With the new curriculum, senior high school students can specialize in a field that they are good at and interested in. As a result, upon graduation they will have the specific job-related skills they need even without a college degree. When they graduate from high school, these young people will be 18 and employable, adding to the nation’s manpower….more……


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